Tulsa Rally for Trump! Stand Up and Show Your Support of Our President




If people only listen to the corrupt, biased news, they are led to believe that President Trump has no support - that his base has abandoned him, when the quite opposite is true! We are here! We have his back!

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Tulsa 9.12 Celebrating 10 YEARS THIS Thursday! Check Out Our ROCK STAR Line-up


Tulsa 9.12 September Meeting

THIS Thursday 9/12

Tulsa 9.12 is Celebrating 10 Years
with a Little Reflection and a Whole Lot of Thanks!!
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287(g) federal program between ICE and Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, January 1 - June 12, 2019

Attached is a copy of criminals that have been affected by the 287(g) federal program between ICE and Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, January 1 - June 12, 2019. We will be posting these regularly.

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ACTION ALERT! Take a Stand Against Illegal Immigration and FOR The Rule Of Law

It was brought to our attention this past Monday morning that a coalition of organizations would be speaking that morning (June 3), at the County Commissioners meeting in an effort to get County Commissioners to vote to overturn Sheriff Regalado's extension of the federal 287(g) program. A few of us made it to the meeting in which it was decided to postpone hearing most comments until Monday, June 10th, so that the Commissioners could better focus their time on the flooding in Tulsa County. 
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9.12 Meeting THIS Thursday - It's a New Year!!


It has been a while since we last met and 2019 looks to be a busy one. Next week our new governor, Kevin Stitt is inaugurated - (links to inaugural events below), and we begin working together for Oklahoma's Turnaround. I am excited to see Stitt and his administration take the reins. I am hopeful we will finally have accountability and reform in state government. We live in exciting times!
Join us THIS Thursday! Please join us and bring a friend!
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Video of Oklahoma 1st Congressional District GOP Debate

Meet the Candidates Continues: THIS Thursday, Kevin Hern and Dominique Block

February was a busy month for us with our regular monthly meetings, the Republican Gubernatorial candidate debate and the Oklahoma Growth and Opportunity Summit - you met candidates and heard from experts and gained a better understanding of our budget process. If you were able to attend the Oklahoma Growth and Opportunity Summit, thank you for your time and eagerness to educate yourself on the state budget. If you were unable to attend, I am posting links to the video taken of the GO Summit.

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Busy, Busy Week! Hot Topics, Budget Business and Candidates

Last week was a busy week for us. On Monday, our state representatives voted on the Step Up plan - one of the largest tax increases in Oklahoma's history. After much discussion and debate the House cast it's votes and was defeated, 63 yea - 35 nay. Being a tax revenue bill required a Super majority vote, 76 yes votes were required to pass.

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Video of Oklahoma Republican Governor - Tulsa Debate

Meet the Candidates Continues: THIS Thursday, Gary Jones and Chris Powell

Happy February! Today our state legislators begin the 2018 legislative session - we have our hands full with the over 2000 bills filed.

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