ACTION ALERT! Take a Stand Against Illegal Immigration and FOR The Rule Of Law

It was brought to our attention this past Monday morning that a coalition of organizations would be speaking that morning (June 3), at the County Commissioners meeting in an effort to get County Commissioners to vote to overturn Sheriff Regalado's extension of the federal 287(g) program. A few of us made it to the meeting in which it was decided to postpone hearing most comments until Monday, June 10th, so that the Commissioners could better focus their time on the flooding in Tulsa County. 
Approximately 40 people from the "Coalition to End 287(g)" were present. Some of the organizations associated with the Coalition to End 287(g) are, DVIS, ACTION (Allied Communities of Tulsa Inspiring Our Neighborhoods), TU Immigration Law Clinic, DAOK (Dream Alliance of Oklahoma), New Sanctuary Network, and others.
We must take a stand against allowing Tulsa County to become a Sanctuary County. If you feel as we do about America and the Rule of Law, and support the coordinated efforts of TCSO and ICE to enforce our immigration laws, would you join us as we stand against the efforts of the left to keep criminal illegal aliens in our communities. If you believe as we do, NOW is the time to take a stand. Please join us Monday. 
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The Tulsa County Board of Commissioners is meeting on Monday, June 10th, to discuss whether or not to continue participation in the federal 287(g) program which is a cooperative effort between the Tulsa County Sherriff's Office (TCSO), and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency commonly referred to as ICE. Through the 287(g) program, ICE deputizes local law-enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration laws. Under the program, ICE-trained law enforcement officers screen immigrants jailed for criminal activity, determine their immigration status, and detain illegal immigrants for ICE agents to pick up for deportation.
When an individual chooses to disrespect the United States' sovereignty, laws, or citizens by entering or staying in the United States without legal permission, that person has made a conscious and purposeful choice to put themselves in legal jeopardy. The US Citizens of Tulsa County want to live and strive to live in a civil society. The underpinnings of a civil society are respect for the Rule of Law and the enforcement of those laws. When the government rewards law breaking or chooses to selectively enforce the law, civil society disintegrates. One need only look at the filth and chaos evident on the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco where the government has chosen not to enforce the law. As a result, these cities are now submerged in chaos. To avoid such chaos in our communities, the 287(g) program is needed as it helps protect the lives and property of the citizens of Tulsa County.
Citizens of Tulsa County who support the Rule of Law in our communities at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels are urged to contact their County Commissioners and to attend the Commissioners' meeting on June 10th to voice their support of the 287(g) program. (see contact info below)
  • Law abiding citizens love this great nation and believe in the Rule of Law
  • 287(g) coordinates the efforts of TCSO and ICE to identify and remove criminal illegal aliens
  • 287(g)does not impact otherwise non-criminal illegal aliens
  • 287(g) supports the role of law enforcement
  • 287(g) gives law enforcement the tools they need to do their job effectively
  • 287(g) serves to benefit U.S. Immigration policies
  • Violates the Rule of Law under bother Federal and State Constitutions
  • Undermines opportunities for legal immigrants
  • Increased crime
  • Expands welfare and Medicaid enrollment
  • Adversely impacts teachers and education negatively
  • Diminishes city populations as crime and education concerns increase
  • Costs Tulsa taxpayers increased taxes to pay for social services and education for people not residing legally in our communities
We urge the citizens of Tulsa County to contact your County Commissioner and express your support of the 287(g) program. Ask your Commissioner to vote in favor of 287(g), and to stand in opposition to illegal immigration and any actions that would turn our County and municipalities into sanctuary havens for illegal aliens.
District 1 Commissioner - Stan Sallee
918-596-5020  office
District 2 Commissioner - Karen Keith
918-596-5016  office
District 3 Commissioner - Ron Peters
918-596-5010  office
We need lots of boots on the ground at our next County Commissioners' meeting, Monday, June 10th at 9:00 a.m., in room 119 of the Tulsa County Administration Bldg., 500 S Denver. Enter through the Denver eagle/const/flagentrance. 
Please arrive early wearing patriotic shirts displaying the flag, or clothing with a red-white-and blue theme. Clothing should reflect patriotism and love of country - be mindful that Trump attire could detract from our message.
If you would like to speak in support of 287(g), please arrive early enough to place your name on the roster to be called upon during the meeting. There is a 2 minute limit on each speaker.
Parking: 2-hours of free parking is available at the Central Library underground parking, or for a fee in nearby lots.
Let us know you are planning on attending - RSVP here