City of TULSA: BatesLine recommendations for City of Tulsa 2017 charter amendment propositions

BatesLine recommendations for City of Tulsa 2017 charter amendment propositions

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URGENT!!! Calls Needed NOW!! They Vote Today

As you are reading this, our Oklahoma House of Representatives are considering their vote on the BIGGEST tax increase in Oklahoma history. Not anything to be proud of for sure. We need you to contact your state representative and others and tell them No More Taxes! We demand performance audits and reform before coming after another penny of ours.
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Congressman Jim Bridenstine Hearing for NASA Administrator

Calls Needed!! The Governor is at it AGAIN!! Taxes, Taxes and MORE Taxes

Most of us are familiar with the budget debacle of 2017 and the Oklahoma Supreme Court decision to override the Cigarette tax leaving a $215 million budget shortfall in our state budget. And, in spite of the cooler temperatures, it's getting hot in Oklahoma City right now. The Oklahoma legislature was called into special session (with no particular game plan) by Governor Fallin. After many weeks of whatever it was they were doing, it finally looks like there may be a deal in the works with no, I repeat, NO, nada, nil, zilch, zero cuts to government waste. Not one!! Plenty of taxes though!

Tax Man

Sooner Tea Party explains the plan well:
Bound to fail, designed to fail actually, and you need to know why, but first we will look at the package as told to the Republican Caucus on Sunday and Monday
Plan A looks like this:
Cigarette Tax increase of $1.50 per pack, super-majority vote needed.
Increase of the fuel tax by 35%, super-majority vote needed.
Increase the excise tax on low point beer by 11%, super-majority vote needed
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