Meet Candidates Kevin Stitt and Cathy Costello

Happy New Year! I trust you survived the holidays and are well rested and prepared for all that 2018 brings us.

We know that 2018 will bring campaigns and elections. Getting to know the candidates, asking questions and understanding where they stand on issues is key to making informed, voting decisions.

Tulsa 9.12 2018: Meet the Candidates! We are excited to bring in candidates from Congressional District 1 as well as statewide races, including governor. We have reached out to Republican and Libertarian candidates and have received favorable responses from many and crickets from others. Our goal is to make as many candidates available to our members and guests, as we can. It is important that YOUR questions get answered, so come prepared, and bring a friend or two.

Also in 2018... Just recently announced, the governor has chosen to place State Question 788, medical marijuana on the primary ballot, June 26, 2018. Oklahoma could join the 29 states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal use by patients in need if voters approve State Question 788 at the state's next primary election on June 26.

Gov Fallin's statement on SQ788 summarized:
If approved by voters, the measure would permit doctors to recommend a patient, who is at least 18 years old, for a state-issued medical marijuana license. A license holder would be allowed to legally possess up to 3 ounces of the drug, six mature plants and six seedlings. These limits can be increased by individual counties or cities.

Lots to talk about and plenty to do. Legislative session begins February 5, and it is going to be a busy session with so much to pay attention to, the budget, education, audits, parental rights, and more!

Join us THIS Thursday as we kick off 2018!! Meet the Candidates!


Thursday, January 11, 2018
Meet Candidates: Kevin Stitt for Governor and Cathy Costello for OK Labor Commissioner

Kevin Stitt - Republican Candidate for Governor

623A27FF-59F1-4A87-B1D4-C779136672C8.pngKevin Stitt, a lifelong Oklahoman, was raised in Norman where he attended Norman High School. He received an accounting degree from Oklahoma State University in 1996. After graduation he quickly became a top producer in the mortgage loan industry. He started Gateway Mortgage Group in 2000 "with only $1,000 and a computer." Today, Gateway employs over 1,100 people, has 145 offices nationwide, and is licensed in 40 states, serving 100,000 customers.

As Kevin travels the country creating jobs, recruiting talent, and developing channels of opportunity, he sees first-hand the momentum other states generate and wants that for Oklahoma.

Kevin and Sarah, his wife of 19 years, are raising their six children in Tulsa. He is a driven conservative leader with a strong faith and traditional American values.

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Cathy Costello - Republican Candidate for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner

ED344597-14B1-4CBD-A437-E8329DB54072.pngCathy Costello obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kansas. She is a classically trained vocalist, performing for veterans, civic events, churches and more. Cathy met "The Right Fellow," Mark Costello, a 4th generation Oklahoman at church. Married for nearly 34 years, Cathy and Mark raised their five children in Edmond, OK.

An entrepreneur in her own right, Cathy started her first business as a means to fund her college education. She learned at an early age that work affords its' own reward. Cathy has also worked in education in both Texas and Oklahoma.

Partners in business and in life, Cathy and Mark worked hand-in-hand to develop and launch eight businesses in six industries around the world, and she continues with the family businesses in Mark's absence.

As a job creator who has encountered the same concerns and challenges as the workforce, Cathy has had a unique exposure to the Department of Labor through the service of her late husband, Mark Costello who served as the State Labor Commissioner from 2011-2015.

The greatest challenge the Costello's faced however, was the devastating mental illness that befell their second oldest child. Their son, who has suffered with diagnosed schizophrenia with psychosis for 10 years, took his father's life during a paranoid, delusional psychotic break on August 23, 2015. Mark died in Cathy's arms.

Cathy went to work for Oklahomans just ten weeks after her husband's death testifying before the senate for the Labor Commissioner Mark Costello AOT act. She is a national speaker on mental health issues and has been instrumental in passing state and federal legislation to improve how we address mental health needs in our communities, health care approaches and the work place.

Job creation and workplace safety will remain the top priorities when Cathy is elected Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, but she has learned first-hand that mental illness and substance abuse can no longer be ignored by the Department of Labor. It affects 1 in 4 Oklahomans, making it the leading cause of work performance loss, the second leading cause of absenteeism, and accounts for 30% of disability claims. Cathy Costello is uniquely qualified to tackle these difficult issues which face the Oklahoma workforce.

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