Tulsa 9.12 Project September '17 Breakfast Club


Jonathon Dunne

I am an IRISH citizen who had a life-long dream of moving to America and contributing to your amazing nation. I was recently blessed enough to not only secure a job, but it was my dream job. Sadly my luck did not last.

As we were getting ready to start applying for a visa, we found out I did not meet the educational nor job requirements to apply for any visa currently available. To say I am heart-broken does not come close to how I feel right now as my personal dream is dead. 

However the mission to achieve God-given rights and freedoms are way bigger than any personal goal or reward. I still believe in the IDEA of America that changed the world over 240 years ago and that is an idea that needs to be shared today more than ever before. 

I am truly blessed to be a host on the Blaze Radio Network where I have a weekly show called Freedoms Disciple podcast. I do not need to be an American citizen to help promote the idea of America. 

I grew up and live in a heavily socialist country where there are no eternal God given rights, no believe in the individual, the answer to every problem is more government and where there is a lack of hope for a better tomorrow. I still believe in your founding principles and know they have a potential to once again be a beacon of light for the rest of the world. I may be in a very small minority today, but I still believe your best days are ahead of you. 

I believe this because of your inspiring track record as nearly every generation of Americans has overcome a major obstacle – everything from overcoming the greatest army of the day at your founding, slavery, Nazism, Communism, Great Depression and your people have explored everything from the swamp to the stars. Secondly while I believe America has major problems today, I still believe there is nothing wrong with America today that the American people cannot fix.

The battle in America and the world today is the same: 

  • Do you believe in a higher power and the laws of nature or do you believe in the law of man? 
  • Do you believe we ALL have certain rights secured at conception or are right secured by a vote?
  • Do you believe in the individual or are we all members of a collective?
  • Do you want liberty to follow your own path or the tyranny of following a path others say is okay?
  • Simply put, do you want to be exceptional and chart a new course like America’s Founding Fathers or do you FOLLOW the rest of the world on a path towards Utopian Statism?


  • Podcast exclusive to The Blaze Radio since 2015 available on Soundcloud, ITunes & Google Play.
  • Public Speaker at several events in Texas in January 2016 and speaker at the Tea Party Abolish the IRS Rally in DC in 2014.
  • Guest on shows including Glenn Beck, Doc Thompson, Sam Sorbo, Gator Experience, Mike Opelka & Jeff Fisher.
  • I have written for many sites including Young Patriots, Patriot Update, Western Journalism, The Blaze, Eagle Rising & Constitution.
  • Copies of all my works including podcasts, articles and videos are available on my personal site – www.freedomsdisciple.com
September 22, 2017 at 7:30am - 9am
11020 E 71st St
Tulsa, OK 74133
United States
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