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    Important December Meeting Information

    Christmas is upon us and our lives become busy with holiday festivities, shopping and all the little things we do in preparation of celebrating Christmas. This has been an unusually hectic year for many of us so when our speakers had to reschedule because of conflicts we decided to give everyone the month of December off from our monthly meeting to rest up because 2018 is going to be a busy, busy year.

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  • City of TULSA: BatesLine recommendations for City of Tulsa 2017 charter amendment propositions

    BatesLine recommendations for City of Tulsa 2017 charter amendment propositions

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  • URGENT!!! Calls Needed NOW!! They Vote Today

    As you are reading this, our Oklahoma House of Representatives are considering their vote on the BIGGEST tax increase in Oklahoma history. Not anything to be proud of for sure. We need you to contact your state representative and others and tell them No More Taxes! We demand performance audits and reform before coming after another penny of ours.
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  • Congressman Jim Bridenstine Hearing for NASA Administrator

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  • Calls Needed!! The Governor is at it AGAIN!! Taxes, Taxes and MORE Taxes

    Most of us are familiar with the budget debacle of 2017 and the Oklahoma Supreme Court decision to override the Cigarette tax leaving a $215 million budget shortfall in our state budget. And, in spite of the cooler temperatures, it's getting hot in Oklahoma City right now. The Oklahoma legislature was called into special session (with no particular game plan) by Governor Fallin. After many weeks of whatever it was they were doing, it finally looks like there may be a deal in the works with no, I repeat, NO, nada, nil, zilch, zero cuts to government waste. Not one!! Plenty of taxes though!

    Tax Man

    Sooner Tea Party explains the plan well:
    Bound to fail, designed to fail actually, and you need to know why, but first we will look at the package as told to the Republican Caucus on Sunday and Monday
    Plan A looks like this:
    Cigarette Tax increase of $1.50 per pack, super-majority vote needed.
    Increase of the fuel tax by 35%, super-majority vote needed.
    Increase the excise tax on low point beer by 11%, super-majority vote needed
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    Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 06:30 PM
    No Meeting in Tulsa, OK

    CANCELED: Tulsa 9.12 Project Dec. '17 Meeting


    December Meeting Cancelled!!

    December 14th Meeting Cancelled
    With the holidays upon us and everyone's calendars filling up fast, Tulsa 9.12 project has decided to skip this month's evening meeting. Both our breakfast and evening meetings will resume in January.
    Thank you for your continued involvement as an activist fighting for conservative, constitutional governance at all levels of government. It is through your actions that changes are made and battles are won.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the New Year bring more political victories and the blessings of liberty to us all.
    Thursday, December 14
    Tulsa 9.12 Project Upcoming Meetings!
    2018 Meetings

    Tulsa 9.12 has regularly scheduled meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at Spirit Life Church at 55th & Peoria. Mark your 2017 calendars 
    Jan 11 - Feb 8 - Mar 8 - Apr 12 - May 10 - June 14 - July 12 - Aug 9 - Sept 13 - Oct 11 - Nov 8 - Dec 13

    We also have regularly scheduled breakfast meetings on the fourth Friday of each month at 7:30 AM at I-HOP at 71st & Garnett. Mark your 2017 calendars
    Jan 26 - Feb 23 - Mar 23 - Apr 27 - May 25 - June 22 - July 27 - Aug 24 - Sept 28 - Oct 26  

    Note: Tulsa 9.12 Breakfast Club does not meet in November and December due to holidays.

    In addition to our regular meetings Tulsa 9.12 will also have special events and training so watch your emails announcing these opportunities.
    Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 06:30 PM

    Tulsa 9.12 Project Jan. '18 Meeting

    To be announced.




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